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When you act as a resident, rather than a traveler, you become a catalyst to the local culture. Earning a voice in a great neighborhood is Thompson’s passion and purpose. And because each unique luxury property managed by our hotel management and development company is absolutely a product of its environment, we contribute to our communities and count our neighbors among our guests.

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Hotel Development

Thompson Hotels is a member of the Two Roads Hospitality portfolio, the international hotel management group, led by hospitality icon John Pritzker. We seek out one-of-a-kind, unique properties and reshape them into timeless destinations to create the kind of distinct experiences that can transform your day, your trip, or even your life. If you are ready to re-position your property for an evolving marketplace, contact us about our luxury boutique hotel development services and how to become a part of our growing portfolio of boldly innovative boutique hotels and resorts.

Hotel Employee


While most of our successful managers have had significant luxury hotel experience, the most important thing to understand about us as an employer is that we’re principally about sensibility and culture. We’re looking for professionals who can quickly apprehend and perpetuate that culture. It’s a culture that encompasses great design and superlative service, the cool to deal with the latest minted celebrity and the graciousness to treat a late check-in like a superstar. We want people who have a passion for exceptional hotel service, but who best express that belief in an atmosphere of spontaneity and authenticity.

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Book directly with Thompson Hotels, and rest assured you’re in the right hands. Visit Thompson Hotels or click through to any property for the experience you expect, the refinements you deserve, and a price that is on point. Guaranteed. Claim your guaranteed best rate within 24 hours of booking, and we’ll beat it by 10%. Terms and Conditions apply.