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Vail, Colorado

Vail Cascade Recreation Summer

Just a few hour drive from Denver, straight into the mountains, is the beautiful little town of Vail.

Colorado has some of the best mountain biking in the country. Period.  Digital Marketing VP Isaac Gerstenzang left his home base in Denver and headed to the pristine mountains of Vail for a little adventure on two wheels. He gave us the scoop on how he spent his day mountain biking in Vail, starting with a trip up the mountain on a gondola, bike in tow. You might be thinking, wait you're not riding your bike up the mountain? Trust us, cycling up to the top is not for the faint of heart; the base of the mountain is at 8,000 feet and the top is around 10,500 feet. Doable, but difficult.

Like skiing, once you're at the top of the mountain, you have a variety of paths to choose from.  Sail down a wide dirt road or brave a technical single track trail. (Personally, I'm looking  for a leisurely path that involves a meadow of flowers and some deep green pine trees.) Isaac's recommendation for a day of mountain biking in Vail: Start at Vail Cascade Resort & Spa, then climb up Gitalong Road to Upper Lucy until you reach the top of the Lionshead Gondola.  Take Big Mamba down the mountain, which turns into Lion Down, and eventually leads you back to Lionshead Village.

For more Vail vacation ideas, visit our Explore a Destination page and get the inside scoop from the Destination Hotels collection of hotels & resorts in Vail. 

Vail Summer
Vail Summer


By Laura Heathcott

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