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Resort at Squaw Creek

Squaw Creek_Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing 101 with Matt Heron

Fly fishing pro Matt Heron takes us on the river and offers his tips for avoiding casting mishaps, perfecting form, and his preferred, local fishing spots around Lake Tahoe.

Common mistakes to avoid?
Casting: ‘breaking your wrist,’ as it's known in the industry, is by far the most common casting error. Using too much wrist causes your rod tip to move in an arc, resulting in sloppy casts that land in a pile.  Fishing: setting down stream is an absolute must when indicator fishing local rivers and streams. The common upstream hook set simply pulls the fly out of the mouth of the fish. 

What’s the best way to perfect form?
Practice, practice and practice. We always recommend keeping your practice sessions to twenty minuets or less. Often times without an instructor around to tweak things, beginners will often ingrain bad muscle memory when practicing for to long. Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. They don't call it a lifetime sport for nothing!

Your best advice for beginners? 
Don't break the bank on your first fly rod outfit; Try not to get frustrated. Have fun and don't take your self too seriously; Hire a local guide or instructor. Think of trying to learn golf without a lesson or two. 

What are the most popular nearby fishing areas?
It's hard to beat the two rivers that make this region famous: the Truckee and Little Truckee Rivers. Both are known for being challenging fisheries. That said they are both managed as wild, trophy Trout rivers in California. On any given cast you could catch that fish of a lifetime!


Squaw Creek_Brown Trout
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