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Tennis Time

For the latest in gear and tips to perfect your tennis game, we sat down with Charly Rasheed, Director of Tennis, Wild Dunes Resort in South Carolina. “Tennis is a great sport for all age levels,” explains Rasheed. “We currently have players here from age 3 to 93.  It’s a great way to get a good cardio workout while having fun.” Read up on his expert insight here before your next tennis vacation in South Carolina:

Top racquet recommendations.
Dunlop iDapt technology lets you choose the racquet that’s right for your game, giving you the ability to create any one of hundreds of variations to maximize performance. With three different head sizes and 432 possible combinations, all levels of players have the ability to customize their racquet to suit their needs.Wilson Burn racquets come with Wilson’s new spin effect technology system which is designed to increase ball RPM without players changing their swing.

Describe the proper technique for beginners.
One of the most important tips is footwork.  Tennis is a movement-based sport so the foundation of proper footwork is very important.  Players can sometimes over-exaggerate their steps, or stand flat-footed making tennis more challenging than it should be. The swing is the next most important element. Pay attention to the start of the swing. Good preparation with the rotation of the hips and shoulders together is key. The middle of the swing is the contact point. When teaching, I emphasize the importance of “eyes on contact.” I touch much more on this in my book, Brain Alignment: The Art of Focus in Tennis. The finish of the swing is the follow through. 

Go-to footwear?
Asics Gel Solution Speed 3 is a great lightweight performance shoe with gel cushioning for comfort.  It is a great low profile shoe for any level player.

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